All about Paintball Parks

Because of the popularity of the sport, a lot of paintball parks are sprouting up all over different places. People who want to play paintball won’t have a hard time finding a place to do so. There are a lot of different types of paintball parks today. However, there are two primary categories that people divide them into:

1) Outdoor — the more popular of two kinds, outdoor paintball parks tend to attract people who are looking for some physical exercise. Outdoor paintball parks tend to place emphasis on a person’s ability to remain undetected. This is because an outdoor paintball park tends to be very large and to have a lot of naturally-occurring obstacles. An outdoor paintball park also requires players to be in top physical shape as it usually takes a lot of effort in order to cover the whole area.

Outdoor paintball parks encourage long games, although this depends on what the park actually looks like. There are those outdoor paintball parks which are quite small in size and are therefore, only good for speedball games. These types of paintball parks merely take advantage of the sun and air outside to provide players with slightly realistic conditions.

Most outdoor paintball parks also tend to promote scenario battles. These are battles where a team or a player has to achieve a certain objective in order to claim victory. The most popular type of game in outdoor paintball parks is “capture the flag” where a team has to capture the opposing force’s flag and bring it to their own base and at the same time, prevent the other team from taking their own flag.

Outdoor paintball parks emphasize physicality. They tend to favor people who are physically fit. Players often achieve victory because of better stamina, speed and a little bit of careful planning. They also favor snipers as outdoor paintball parks tend to have a lot of hiding places.

2) Indoor — indoor paintball parks tend to be quite boring if the owner is not very creative in designing the place. Most successful indoor paintball parks are centered on a certain theme. The excitement of the indoor paintball park mostly comes from the fact that playing in such a paintball park is much like navigating a maze, you don’t know if the next turn you take will bring you face to face with an opponent.

Some indoor paintball parks tend to put players in different scenarios such as a spaceship, in an abandoned house, or even in a building full of terrorists. This variety is what encourages a lot of players to go to indoor paintball parks. Indoor paintball parks also represent a level of the game wholly different from what occurs in outdoor paintball parks. An indoor paintball park, though it may be small, also tends to encourage long play.

This is because indoor paintball parks need a lot of careful planning and preparation. Although the actual firefight may only last a few seconds, the preparation takes a long time. This is because the key to winning in an indoor paintball park lies in strategy. Since there are limited exits to any given place, a team can easily predict where opponents will end up. Because of this, a game in an indoor paintball park usually ends up looking a lot like chess.

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