Essential Paintball Accessories

Although the gun counts, paintball games are often decided by little things that most people take for granted. It is often the case that the right paintball accessory determines whether you end up bragging about your victory or skulking about your defeat. The right paintball accessories could help prevent you from being polka-dotted by your opponent’s ammo. Here are some common paintball accessories that people use:

1) Extra batteries — if you are using an electronic paintball gun, you need to make sure that you have extra batteries with you whenever you go to wage a war. Although you may have the most technologically advanced paintball gun in the planet, if it has no power, it’s quite useless.

Bringing this paintball accessory helps you make sure that you will not run out of steam just when you need it the most. Extra batteries will help you make sure that the little things don’t ruin your paintball game. People who do not have extra batteries tend to have their performance hampered because they tend to limit their shooting. If you know that you will be able to play continuously without worrying about battery life, you will be able to bring out you’re a-game.

2) Extra lenses — a small scratch on your paintball mask’s lenses will block your vision and will render them practically useless. You need to buy a paintball mask which has replaceable lenses. When you do so, it would naturally be wise to bring along extra lenses as paintball accessories.

This type of paintball accessory lets you make sure that you will be able to see clearly as well as stay protected throughout the game. There are also certain types of paintball lenses which actually enable players to see better in various conditions. For example, if you are playing paintball in snow, it would be helpful to make use of anti-glare lenses to help block out the brightness of the snow.

3) Tools — you might encounter a situation when something goes wrong with your gun. What are you going to do? Are you going to sit down and wait for an opponent to find you and deliver a coup-de-grace? Having the right tools to make necessary repairs will help you avoid this dilemma. By bringing this type of paintball accessory with you, you will be able to make sure that you will always have the choice to keep fighting.

Of course, since you will not be able to carry all of the tools you need, you should decide which ones are the best to carry around. An essential paintball accessory would be an Allen wrench. Allen wrenches are what most manufacturers include with paintball guns in order to enable the owner to make quick repairs.

Another essential paintball accessory is the squeegee. When your paintball gun gets dirty, there’s a big chance that it will malfunction. Even a small collection of gunk in the barrel of your paintball gun would affect its accuracy greatly. Because of this, you need to keep it clean, even during short durations in the game. By bringing this paintball accessory with you, the performance of your weapons will always be maintained.

As you can see, various paintball accessories certainly give you an edge over your opponents. Using the right paintball accessory at the right moment can actually mean the difference between complete disaster and success.

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