Finding High Quality Paintball Markers

Paintball is a game which has been continually gaining in popularity over the years. For people who want to experience the thrill of combat without the danger, paintball offers a great alternative to just sitting in front of your computer and shooting virtual opponents. What is the first thing you should look for when playing paintball? The answer to that would be a paintball marker.

What exactly is a paintball marker? Well, a lot of newbies to the game also know this piece of equipment as the paintball gun. This is the central piece of equipment in the game of paintball. The paintball marker launches paintballs –round, gelatinous ammo filled with dye- towards opponents. This eliminates opponents from the game.

It is important to choose the right paintball marker for you. This is because the paintball marker is the main piece of equipment that you will use in the game. Here are some qualities you should definitely check out before buying a paintball marker:

1) Range — this quality determines just how far the paintball marker will be able to shoot. Although it may seem as if finding a gun with the best range is desirable, you have to realize that there are some situations which call for short-range paintball markers. This is mostly because of the fact that long-range paintball guns tend to be bigger and thus, need considerably more effort to use. Long range weapons are good for sniping but the fact that they take a long time to shoot makes them bad for speedball games.

2) Accuracy — when you buy a paintball marker, you need to make sure that it is able to hit whatever you point it at. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the paintball marker. An additional 1-4 inches of barrel size, for instance, is claimed by many people to add to the accuracy of the paintball marker. You should also check out that the sights of the paintball marker you buy are configured properly. Of course, if you’re a lousy shot, the accuracy of the paintball marker won’t matter much.

3) Stealth — staying undetected can be a key factor in a paintball game. Unfortunately, with the wrong type of paintball marker, once you start shooting, you end up revealing your position. There are certain things you have to look for in a paintball marker in order for you to make sure that you remain undetectable in the field.

The first thing you should check out, of course, is the appearance. There are certain types of paintball markers which may look cool on the shelf but are dead giveaways on the field. This may not be a problem if you only play speedball games but could present a whole lot of complications if you are playing in the woods or even in an urban-assault scenario. Anything shiny is out.

You should also make sure that the paintball marker you buy does not make a lot of noise when you are shooting. The distinctive sound of the paintball marker is caused by the gas compressing in the barrel. Some people attempt to reduce this sound by “porting” or making holes in the barrel. This works but it makes the paintball marker consume more gas.

These are just some things you have to think about when buying a paintball marker. By considering these factors properly, you should be able to find the paintball marker best suited to your playing style.

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