The Keys to Playing Better Paintball

Are you tired of going inside a paintball park only to come out after ten seconds looking polka-dotted? Are you looking for ways to improve your paintball game but don’t know where to start? Here are a few pointers to step up your paintball game:

1) Get in shape — as you know, paintball is a very physical game. In order to stay long in the game, you need to be in top physical shape. There’s a lot of running around and dodging to be done if you intend to play better paintball. This means that you need to focus on your cardiovascular system in order to improve in paintball. This is because the cardiovascular system determines just how much stamina you have and how fast you burn energy. You also need strong legs in order to be able to run quickly.

Most people also tend to underestimate the amount of muscle strength that a person needs to stay still. You have to realize that staying undetected during a game of paintball usually means the difference between conquering your opponents and going down in a hail of paintballs. However, you can’t expect that the demand to stay still will come when you are in your most comfortable position. By strengthening your muscles, you will be able to remain hidden even if you have to stay still while crouching.

2) Choose clothes properly — you should realize that when it comes to paintball, fashion does count a lot. The old jeans and t-shirt combination won’t work if you want to improve your paintball game. You also can’t wear clothes which rustle as these clothes will allow your opponents to find you easily. You shouldn’t wear clothes which are too tight. Despite what you may see in movies, baggy clothes allow you more freedom of movement and have the extra advantage of cushioning your body from painful paintball hits. In terms of shoes, choose high tops as these will protect your ankles.

3) Avoid tunnel vision –a lot of beginners in paintball are shocked when they suddenly get hit seemingly out of nowhere. This is commonly caused by tunnel vision. This happens when you are too focused on what’s front of you. True, tunnel vision does allow you to spot snipers better, but for paintball, what you actually need is to open up your peripheral. Instead of moving your eyes back and forth across what’s front of you, you should try to lessen their focus and try to take in your entire surroundings.

People underestimate the power of the human eye and you can use this in paintball to your advantage. By opening up your peripheral, you will be able to spot even the smallest of movements quickly and blast your opponents before they have a chance to spot you.

4) Relax — you need to remember that paintball is meant to be fun. Those who are too tense or too nervous early in the game are bound to make mistakes. If you play it cool and have fun, you should be able to think clearly and conquer your opponents with ease. If not, at least you’ll have fun. It is important to remember that relaxation will actually help you move faster and think well than having tensed muscles. In the world of paintball, your nerves could cause your defeat.

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