The Paintball Sniper

Every person has his or her own style in playing paintball. Differences in playing styles originate from both the equipment that the paintball player uses and the player’s own preference. One of the most dangerous players you would ever encounter in the field is the paintball sniper.

What is a paintball sniper? Paintball snipers are said to have reached the peak of true paintball. Paintball snipers are able to shoot people out of a game without even making people realize that they have been shot. They are like the wind, felt and heard but never seen.

As you may have realized, stealth is a paintball sniper’s best quality. The ability to remain undetected gives the paintball sniper a great edge. This is because practically all paintball players today rely on their sight in order to know where to shoot. If a player has no target, he or she will not be able to shoot.

Paintball snipers rely on two things for stealth: the ability to remain unseen and the ability to remain unheard. A lot of people underestimate the power of the human eye. This is because many have observed in animals, eyesight that is much keener than ours. However, you have to know that the human eye can detect movement very easily. In the field, a player often expects things to stay still and any sign of movement will definitely trigger a hail of paintballs.

Because of this, a paintball sniper has to be able to maintain absolutely still. Even when a paintball sniper is shooting, he or she has to keep movements to a minimum and to time them so that they would not be noticed easily. Another thing to consider is sound. A paintball sniper has to make sure that he or she makes no sounds which would reveal his or her position. Once he or she accomplishes these two objectives, other players have to be very careful.

However, a paintball sniper has weaknesses too. The first is that a paintball sniper needs to be in cover in order to maintain supremacy. This means that a paintball sniper may be weak in an-all-out shooting match. Once spotted, a paintball sniper can be pretty vulnerable until he or she finds a new sniping spot. Once he or she disappears, of course, he or she holds the upper hand once again.

The paintball sniper’s weakness to all-out attack is also partly because most paintball snipers carry weapons which are extremely accurate but which have very slow shooting rates. This means paintball snipers have to aim very carefully before they let off a shot and have to wait before they can shoot again. This means that in one-on –one shooting, they can be quite weak.

Another weakness of paintball snipers is the fact that finding a good hiding place can be quite hard. Blending into the background is not that easy, especially if people are aware that you are in need of such hiding places. Since paintball does not actually involve any fatal shooting, there is also the possibility that a former target will be able to deduce the paintball sniper’s location and share it with other players. This means that a good paintball sniper has to constantly keep moving and keep looking for cover. A good paintball sniper also has to be very patient in order to wait for an opponent to enter his or her crosshairs.

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