The Pros and Cons of Using a Paintball Pistol

When you are playing paintball, you usually have two choices of weapons: rifle or pistol. Although the common practice is to bring a rifle as your primary weapon and a paintball pistol as a sidearm, many people are considering just bringing the pistol to a game. In this article, we will be examining the various advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

Power-wise, the paintball pistol puts the user at a disadvantage, these are the reasons why:

1) Short range — compared to the rifle, the paintball pistol has a much shorter range. This means that if you choose to use a paintball pistol, you need to get closer to your opponent and this presents a whole new range of complications. For one thing, you need to be stealthier in your movement. Since you will be fighting someone whose weapon has a much longer range, you need to stay hidden until that person enters the range of your weapon.

In using a paintball pistol, you will be vulnerable from the moment you enter your opponent’s range to the moment when your opponent enters yours. This means you also need to be very quick in getting there. If you do not accomplish the task of remaining hidden while you approach, you need to be very agile in dodging the paintballs which are sure to come your way.

2) Limited ammo — since it is much smaller, a paintball pistol typically contains less ammo than a paintball rifle. Because of this, people need to be very careful with their shots. If you are using a paintball pistol, you need to make sure that each shot you fire counts. This means taking extra care with your aim and tactics.

Having limited ammo also means that you need to reload frequently. You need to practice in order to make sure that you take as little time as possible when you are reloading. This will help you make sure that using a paintball pistol will not hamper you too much.

However, there are also a lot of advantages to using paintball pistols:

1) Maneuverability — the best thing about a paintball pistol is the fact that a person can use it with just one hand. The maneuverability of the paintball pistol makes it ideal for use in paintball parks which have themes parallel to urban warfare. Since the paintball pistol can be used with one hand, the player can use the other in managing obstacles. This means that a player is able to make sure that he or she has a clear shot before actually pulling the trigger. The hand not holding the paintball pistol may also be used to create distractions –a must in one-on-one battles.

2) Compact — since the paintball pistol is compact, it can be very useful in small places. The compact size enables a person to use it when a paintball rifle would be unwieldy. The compact size also means that a person has a smaller profile which equals to less chance of detection. The compact size of the paintball pistol also means the person carrying it will not have to exert much effort. This translates into faster movement and more stamina –a deadly combination in paintball.

As you can see there are many things that can be said for and against using paintball pistols. The decision will always be up to you in the end.

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